School Board and District Policies

Lupita Flores Director Dist. #1 Chris Garent, School Board District #2 Nikki Keller, Board Chair at large postition #1 Matt Barker, School Board District #3 David Barnes, School District #2
Lupita Flores Director Dist. #1 Chris Garent
Director Dist. At large #2
Nikki Keller
Board Chair At Large #1
Matt Barker
Director Dist. #3
David Barnes
Director Dist. #2



District Policies

1000 Board of Directors
2000 Instruction
3000 Students
4000 Community Relations
5000 Personnel
6000 Management Support


Board Meeting Schedule

Regular board meetings are held monthly at 7 p.m. on the third Tuesday in the junior high/high school library, except in November the meeting is held in the Library at TIS and in April the meeting is held in the Library at MWC.

Work study sessions are held at 7 a.m. on the first Monday of each month in the District Office.

Individuals with disabilities who may need a modification to participate in a meeting should contact the Superintendent's office at 509-678-8630 no later than three days before a Regular meeting or Work Study and as soon as possible in advance of a Special Meeting so that accommodations can be made.